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The Only Cognitive Science Website Without a Picture of a Brain on it!

     This is because I believe the assumption that all cognitive activity takes place in the brain arises from a set of presuppositions called Cartesian Materialism, which I think is responsible for many of the problems of classical European epistemology. I wrote the following papers to lay the groundwork for my book Neither Brain nor Ghost: A Non-Dualist Alternative to the Mind/Brain Identity Theory, which was published as a Bradford Book on MIT Press in October 2005. If you wish to place an order for a copy of the book, click here.. For a chapter by chapter summary of the book, which proposes an alternative to Cartesian Materialism, Click here.

Each of these papers was commented on by philosophers and/or scientists who have done work in similar areas, and I have replied to their commentaries as well.

     Cognitive Questions was also the name of an Internet mailing list which made it possible for me to discuss the ideas in these papers with experts in a variety of disciplines. This website also includes a series of posts I sent to that mailing list, with comments and responses made by other participants on the list. In some cases, participants would send papers they had already written on similar subjects, and I have included some of those as well.

     If you have any comments (especially about data that either supports or weakens any of my claims), I would love to hear from you. I promise I will read what you send, I will try to reply, and I may post your comments on this website.


     Teed Rockwell




     The Papers

     Experience and Sensation: Sellars and Dewey on the Non-cognitive aspects of Mental Life.

     with Commentary by

     Markate Daly

     James Garson



     A Critique of Rorty's analysis of Modern Epistemology

     with Commentary by

     Richard Rorty

     Elizabeth Minnich



     The Hard Problem is Dead; Long live the hard problem>




     A Defense of Emergent Downward Causation

     with commentary by John Bickle,

     Robert Kane,

     U.T. Place,

     James Garson



     The Modularity of Dynamic Systems

     with commentary by Timothy Van Gelder

     Andy Clark



     The Effects of Atomistic Ontology on the History of Psychology

     with Commentary by Bernard Baars



     The Cognitive Questions Mailing list dialogue


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