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My favorite Cogsci and Philosophy Links

Problems from Wilfrid Sellars

Contains complete text of many papers by and about Sellars, as well as complete text for classic papers by Quine, Tarski and many others.

Philosophy in Cyberspace

A dedicated Philosophy search engine with (go figure) links to female motorcyclists' sites.

Mark Bickhard's publications Page

Very good philosophy of AI papers, with a strong Heidegger-Dewey Slant on the importance of embodiment and environment for cognitive systems.

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Great Concept! Duplicates the branching structure of the Tractatus by having all of the seven major points on the home page, then connecting each of the qualifying points to them by links, which are connected to their qualifiers by other links, and so on. This is probably how Wittgenstein would have written the Tractatus if he had had access to HTML

Face Blind!

A must for anyone interested in Clinical Neurology. First person description of a gay San Francisco man who was born with brain damage that made it impossible to for him to recognize faces, and didn't discover this fact until he was almost fifty.

Master index to David Chalmers' web site 

Besides being the best source for online papers about consciousness,(by Chalmers and others) it has links to everything that relates to anything that relates to consciousness. Not only philosophy papers about Zombies, but sites about Hollywood Zombies, Zombies the rock group and Zombie the drink. Also contains links to Monty Python routines, both text and sound samples.

Dennet's Publications page

The best read on the net. Everything that Dan Dennett has written that you can't find anywhere else.

Millikan's Home Page

Contains text of her newest papers, including her BBS article and replies to commentators.

Tim van Gelder's Home Page

most of the Van Gelder papers I cited in "the Modularity of Dynamic Systems" can be found here.

The Current Relevance of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Embodiment

A fine paper by Hubert Dreyfus

Critique of Pure Reason

The whole Magilla, in the Norman Kemp Smith translation.

The Joy of Visual Perception

A good detailed "Meet Mr. Brain" book for visual perception.

Classics in the History of Psychology

This site is a gold mine for the history of psychology. It contains articles by Wundt, Titchener, Dewey and many others, some of which I couldn't even find in the UC Berkeley library.

Behavioral & Brain Sciences Target Article Preprints

Some of these "preprints" have been around long enough to be classics, and there are also the very newest target articles from this important journal.

CogPrints eprint Archive

A multiplex cogsci rummage sale, with the newest papers by everyone you've heard of, and countless others you haven't. Dive in and read a few on impulse, and you'll usually find something cool.

Dynamic Systems Theory Glossary

I have no idea who created this, but's a good intro to DST.

Mind/Brain Resources

Valerie Hardcastle's cogsci links page.

A Field guide to the Philosophy of Mind

For those of you who do want to see pictures of brains, this website is full of them. (cute cartoons, not photographs.) Still growing but obviously going to become an important resource.

Philosophical Counseling Service Therapy gets you in touch with your feelings. Philosophical counseling gets you in touch with your mind. Practical problem solving - guided by philosopher Markate Daly, who also contributed commentaries to this site.

Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science

A resource page with a perspective very similar to mine. Run by Ronald Lemmen, who also contributed to the dialogue responding to the Hard Problem paper on this site.